Monday, 13 March 2017

Eurotix - Conquer The Universe (EP)

Artwork by Jimmy Dyrebrant
Mine and Larry Forsberg's synthpop project Eurotix just released the new digital EP "Conquer The Universe" so get ready for a retro synthpop and euro disco explosion!

Fans of Melodifestivalen – Sweden's pre-selection to the Eurovision Song Contest – might find it interesting to know that the title track started out as a demo for Swedish singer Magnus Carlsson of Alcazar fame. Our version is less "schlager" and more synthpop though.

The EP also includes the uptempo tracks "When Did Your Heart Grow Cold?" and "I'll Be Your Satellite", both inspired by eighties dance music. "If You Were A War" is the only ballad on the EP, with sad lyrics partly written by Dennis. Fun fact: Dennis' mum actually cried the first time he played the song for her.

Listen to the whole EP down under. Support us by buying or streaming the EP. It's out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Tidal, Google Play and more. You can still get our CD albums from our official store.

"Conquer The Universe" tracklist:

1. Conquer The Universe
2. When Did Your Heart Grow Cold?
3. If You Were A War
4. I'll Be Your Satellite

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Eurotix - Letting Go (Demo)

"Letting Go" is the early demo version of the Eurotix track "We Could Have Been", but with different lyrics, recorded back in 2013. We have made the demo version available to download for free through our Soundcloud page. You might enjoy comparing it to the final version, embedded down below.

"We Could Have Been" is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Monday, 2 January 2017

New year, new music

So we have finally said goodbye to 2016. To be honest, I'm kind of glad the year is over. It has been quite a tragic year filled with hate and violence all over the world. I really hope that 2017 will be much better, with more peace, tolerance and love for everyone. It might sound naive, but I'm not ready to give up on humanity just yet.

My 2017 started off great. Yesterday, I spent the day with Larry in the studio in Gävle recording three new songs for our upcoming EP "Conquer The Universe". The new tracks are called "When Did Your Heart Grow Cold?", "I'll Be Your Satellite" and "If You Were A War". They are, of course, retro synthpop and Hi-NRG, inspired by the eighties sound.

I really love working with Larry because he makes me feel safe in the studio. He encourages me and brings out the best of me while recording. I love it every time Larry says: "The song got much better now when your vocals have been added to the mix." It warms my heart.

Happy new year and have a fabulous 2017!