Wednesday, 27 March 2019

A lot has happened

It's been a while since I wrote something more personal. A lot has happened in my life, so much that I can't write it all down. But one exciting thing is that I have stared a new job at a historical archive and I really like it there. But I miss my dear friends at the newspaper, of course. But we keep in touch and try to meet as often as possible. Here is a photo from a recent visit to the art gallery in Sandviken:

Last Saturday, I got a visit from my dear friends Henri and Solan from Stockholm. They spent the evening with me and my sister in Gävle. We showed them around town and then had dinner and drinks at an Italian restaurant. We laughed so much that we might have scared some of the other customers away. Later that evening we went to a pub near the train station where we had more drinks and Henri did his hilarious impersonation of Swedish icon Lill-Babs. We all agreed that Henri deserves his own YouTube show.

Check out the divas Diana, Henri and Solan in Gävle:

And finally it seems like spring has arrived in Sweden. I really love the fact that the days are getting brighter and sunnier. The snow is almost gone now. I am so tired of snow and darkness. I'm guessing you are too. Here is a photo of Gävle that I took about a week ago, on my way to work:

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