Saturday, 26 November 2005


The Swedish gay magazine QX is having its annual gay gala and you can now nominate people to the different categories. If you want to, please nominate Bimbo Boy to the categories "Årets homo" (homo of the year) or "Årets artist" (artist of the year). You'll find the form here.

My website is getting a new layout. The new site will be better looking and the navigation will be easier. It will also include new functions such as a blog and a chart where I will present my favourite songs each month.

Bimbo Boy

Sunday, 4 September 2005


A lot of things have happened during the summer! I finally released my debut single "Je Suis Une Superstar". It will soon be available for purchase to foreign fans as well. My single has been sold at the Stockholm Pride festival and played at different clubs and radio stations. The online radio station Playdio chose my song "Make You Come" to be their hit of the week and it is still playing there.

A lot of magazines and websites have written about me and my music. Some of them are available to read on my website.

Finally I want to tell you that the song Anders Dannvik and I have written for the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest now is finished. It will be sent to the jury later this month. It's a synth-disco song influenced by Bodies Without Organs, Pay TV and Alcazar. Let's hope it will be accepted!

Many people have requested the lyrics to my songs so now they are all available on my website.

Bimbo Boy

Thursday, 1 September 2005

The local demo

This is an article written about me in Arbetarbladet:

Do you remember the line "perfume, champagne and men" from the 80's hit "Diamanter" by Lustan Lakejer? Those words describe Bimbo Boy. It's all filled with decadence, limousines and vanity, all accompanied to a disco beat that will give both Alcazar and Bodies Without Organs some competition.

"Je Suis Une Superstar" is made for the dance yearning clientele at the nightclubs. Bomb the Swedish nightlife with this and Bimbo Boy will get the chance to become big to the people who already like the disco Alexander Bard symbolises.

Erik Süss

Friday, 20 May 2005

Working on my single

There are lots of things going on in my life right now. I just graduated from school and I've got a busy summer ahead of me. Next week, for example, I'm going to Stockholm to write a song together with the song writer Anders Dannvik. We're going to write something for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

I have also had a photo shoot a few days ago together with my photographer Marie Larsson. We took a lot of pictures and I have to choose which one I want for the CD-cover, since I didn't like the last one. It's really great working with professional people.

Since September 2004, I've had over 40000 unique visitors on my website and I still have about 200 visitors a day. Thanks for helping me spread the word about my music! Have a wonderful summer!

Bimbo Boy

Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Production company

Our production company is almost up and running. That means that my single "Je Suis Une Superstar" soon will be released. I'm really looking forward to it and I hope that all the paperwork won't delay the release.

An Italian company wants one of my songs on a CD with a collection of typical gay music. The songs are from all over the world and they want me to represent Sweden. It's a great honour for me and I'm negotiating about it.

Bimbo Boy

Friday, 7 January 2005

Happy new year

Happy new year, everybody! I hope that you all will make 2005 into one of the best years ever. At least I will. We are all suffering from what happened in Asia so that's why I think we can use all the positive energy we can get. So keep on fighting for what you believe in and don't forget to smile.

There have been some updates on the website. As you can see, the picture page has been given a makeover and does now include more pictures. The quote page has also been updated with some new functions. For example, I will publish all the articles written about me there.

I also had my scene debut in the end of 2004. I have performed twice at some parties my school arranged. It was a wonderful experience and it went really great! I can't wait to get on stage again.

Bimbo Boy