Thursday, 1 July 2004

Bimbo Boy is proud of his pink personality

Last week, the local entertainment magazine Nöjesmix wrote this article about me with an interview:

The editorial staff received a letter from Bimbo Boy. A sparkling artist in pink, from Sandviken, who thought that some attention would be nice and who was hoping to perform in this year's Stockholm Pride Festival.

Why do you call yourself Bimbo Boy?
It's because I've always looked up to female artists with a sexy image, for example Kylie Minogue and Samantha Fox. They've often been called bimbos by the media and that got me really pissed off. They haven't been taken seriously because of their image and I think that is wrong. So I decided to call myself Bimbo Boy, just to start some kind of discussion. Besides, not many guys would call themselves a bimbo since the word seems to only apply women. Bimbo Boy is a kind of provocative name for an artist and people notice it, which I like.

What's the goal with you being an artist?
The most important thing of course is the music, but I also see the music as a way to mediate things. I believe, as an artist, you have greater possibilities to reach people and make your voice heard.

Why do you use music and not other forms of art?
I both write and draw a lot and I'm very interested in movies. But music is what I like the best, I think. I grew up with music, and I'm surrounded by it every day. Besides, music is something we all receive, whether we like it or nor.

Will you be playing during the Pride Festival this year?
Well, yes, we'll see what the summer will bring. I've been in touch with Lars Åke Wilhelmsson – Babsan, that is – who offered me to perform at the Patricia gay club this summer.

What are you doing currently?
At the moment I'm working on the release of my debut single, so there's quite a lot to do. The most fun part, besides singing of course, is to market yourself, I think. I've gotten really good at that the last few years.

What do you do when you're not your alter ego – when you're just Dennis?
During the weekdays I study at a folk high school and the rest of the time I hang out with my friends, do some shopping or enjoy movies and music.

What are the goals for the next three years?
The goal is to be able to work with my music full time, and eventually be able to support myself doing what I like. In general, I want to have a healthy life, do a lot of fun stuff and maybe even find myself a boyfriend.

What do you think about the music in Sandviken?
Actually, I don't know much about local bands. I listen to plastic pop and disco and I don't think that genre is really represented around here. But if anyone knows any band within that genre, just let me know.

What would you like to say to the local inhabitants?
Never forget to be yourselves, and if you're ever sad, buy something pink. It always works for me.