Saturday, 30 June 2012

Die From A Broken Heart video synopsis

Here is the synopsis of the video for my single "Die From A Broken Heart", directed by Johnny Wu of Media Design Imaging.

"High school can be pretty rough. But for those of us who are victims of bullying, it can be downright miserable. Such is the case for Brad - a bright, introverted student just trying to stay alive.

He's caught somewhere between personalities - still trying to define himself. But when the school's star swimmer, Adam, enters into Brad's camera lens; Brad develops a fascination with him that could prove deadly... as Adam turns out to be a bully himself.

The questions build up and start swirling through Brad's head sending him into a downward spiral. But as he falls deeper into his own conscience, could a light be appearing at the end of the tunnel?

Brad must overcome his fears and allow someone to reach out to him, so that he can define himself - and his place - in the world."

Friday, 1 June 2012

Don't take everything personally

Some people are too sensitive. They take everything you say personally, as if they're just waiting for people to be mean. Calm down! Life must be boring if you think everyone's out to get you. Besides, believe it or not, I'm getting too old for drama ha ha! Peace out!