Friday, 24 March 2006


I just wanted to remind you to spread out the link to my website and the music video to all of your friends. That would be really sweet of you. Also request the song at your local radio stations. Right now I'm working on promoting the single and next week I'll be doing some radio interviews.

Don't forget to order my single at CDON by searching for Bimbo Boy. If you don't want the CD you can now download the song at the following websites. We're working on getting the rest of the world a chance to order the single. For now it's only available in Europe.

By the way, is anyone of you a member of the huge online community MySpace? It's a great place for people to make new friends and for new artists to promote themselves. If you are please add me at:

Bimbo Boy

Thursday, 16 March 2006

The release

The release party was a success! I would like to thank everyone who came and everyone who helped with the preparations. Especially my dear friend Micke and the staff at Club Connection.

My single "Drama Queen" reached number three on the sales chart of CDON last week. The same week it was chosen "hit of the week" at the radio station Radiovox. Also "Drama Queen (Pink Club Mix)" reached the number one position on the chart of Playdio. I'm really glad so many of you like the song. Thank you for buying it!

Bimbo Boy

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Music video

I'm back from America and the performance in Cleveland went really well. I want to thank Johnny Wu and everybody working on my video. The result is amazing and the premiere night was truly magical! The video is now available at:

This is the last chance to join my release party. If you want to come just send an email to

Also, please visit the websites of the big Swedish radio stations and request "Drama Queen". Most of the time you can just email the one who is on air and request it that way. Here are some of the website addresses:

Bimbo Boy

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

On Friday the 3rd of March, an interview with me will be aired on the American radio station Gayradio. They will also play my new single "Drama Queen" and my old song "Make You Come". The interview will be aired at 7 PM PST.

Bimbo Boy