Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Homophobe, time to man up

I came across the following comment on a forum about a TV series:

"Gay kissing. I mean, really, does the general viewing public want to see this? Call me a homophobe. I don't want to see it. Turned me off to an otherwise watchable show."

I just had to write a reply:

"I'm gay and I don't want to see negative, stupid comments like yours. So I guess we're even. Yes, you might be a homophobe, but more than that, you're a coward and an insensitive person. I'm not offended by all the straight kissing that dominate TV in general. So I wish you would just cut the crap, man up and realise that people are different.

Gay love shouldn't be hidden away just because it's not your 'cup of tea'. Gay people exist. That's life. Just accept it and your life will be a lot better, trust me. It will save you a lot of anger and pain. It might even help you gain some new, interesting friends."